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In 1981, Tru-Contour, Inc. was created by Jim Srackangast resulting from experience in the poured-in-place manhole process. The new invert forming system was able to form angles in a manhole for every 1.5 degrees. It also had the ability to adjust to elevation differences through the structure. The durability and functionality of the product have become widely known as sales have reached to every corner of the United States while also including Puerto Rico, Canada, and even Europe. In 1987, A-Lok Products became a distributor of the Tru-Contour invert forming system and continues that relationship to this day. New concepts and products have been developed over the years to improve the system.

In 1996, Srackangast began the process of developing the precast division to produce sanitary sewer manholes. This was due to the influence of some Charlotte/ Metrolina area contractors looking for better quality product. Over the last few years, the Tru-Contour Precast Division has substantially grown. With attention to detail of product performance and safety, Tru-Contour's reputation has become well known for top quality product and personable service. A commitment to being the best has propelled Tru-Contour into success with a great vision for the future.

With the benefit of a testing ground on the same campus, Tru-Contour has now developed more products that prove very beneficial to the precast industry. With further research, Tru-Contour stands to remain one of the leaders in quality innovations for the precast concrete industry.


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