Manhole Rehab/Sealed Flow Systems

Detailed View

Detailed View

A Permanent Solution for Problem Structures

The first comprehensive rehabilitation system available for correcting problems associated with sanitary structures.

Traditionally, the rehabilitation process involves costly repairs to separate areas of a failing structure-expensive and time consuming. The Sealed Flow System provides a single, economic, and permanent solution for rehabilitation of antiquated or problem structures and for the prevention of problems in new structures.

  • Reduces Infiltration
  • Prevents Sewer Overflow
  • Stops Corrosion from Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Reduces System Overload
  • Eliminates Odor

By isolating the flow channel, hydrogen sulfide corrosion of the structure is stopped, ground water infiltration and inflow from adjustment areas or castings are kept from the interceptor system
and odor is eliminated.

The Sealed Flow System also works as a temporary or permanent by-pass, can be used to eliminate improper flow characteristics, and provides a means of installing check valves. A multi-purpose vent is also available for draining infiltration or ventilation to allow structure entry.

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