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The Tru-Contour Invert Forming System offers the manhole producer a very durable, systematic and versatile method of forming all invert configurations from 4" through 48" diameter. Two, three, and four way configurations including dead end combinations with a standard .2 ft of elevation difference fall can be made easy and rapidly without the need for skilled labor. Greater fall can be obtained.

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The system's versatility is due to an unlimited combination of four basic wedges. With the combination of one or more of these wedges, any angle can be obtained within 1.5 degrees. This allows enough flexibility to effectively form an invert that aligns perfectly with the entering pipeline.
The Tru-Contour system cuts costly labor both in set-up and concrete finishing time. A basic three way can be set up in approximately fifteen minutes and depending on pouring procedures, can allow an average of four inverts per day to be formed from a single system. Finishing time is kept to a minimum due to accuracy of flows the forms create. Each invert in regard to channel width, depth and radial turn is form finished.
The Tru-Contour standard system allows for 3/4-invert depth and is compatible with a variety of flexible pipe-to-manhole connectors. Full depth systems are also available.

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1) A series of wedges and straight sections which when combined provides an unlimited selection of angles to create enough flexibility to form an invert within 1.5 degrees.

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2) A Centering Triangle that is designed to align the invert assembly with the flexible pipe-to-manhole connector. This insures pipe to invert compatibility.

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3) A Hub that covers the hole while also creating a pipe rest that allows for flow lines to match.

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4) A stabilization jack which prevents form floatation during casting operations. This insures that correct fall is maintained across the manhole base.

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5) Specialty parts to adapt to the precast customer's specific needs

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The Tru-Contour Single Piece Invert Systems are rugged, lightweight forms available in full or 3/4 depths and compatible with all existing Tru-contour systems. Our special quick connect Centering Triangle assemblies take the guess work out of precast invert to pipe invert alignment, allow deflection up to 5 degrees omnidirectional for grade adjustment or misaligned inlets, and are made for every type of cast-in connector or boot. The closed top design provides easy pouring and clean up while the new hub allows the single piece form to be removed independently to reduce damage during de-molding. The system is engineered to accommodate both wet and dry cast processes and can be easily integrated with a producer's existing equipment.


  • Closed Tops
  • Fewer Pieces
  • Less Handwork
  • Reduced Labor and Increased Production
  • Quick set-up and removal

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